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Without a doubt today's education is constantly changing and coming up with new challenges, making the teaching work more difficult and with a great social responsibility ahead, as a result an academic profile is required that faith of the preparation to execute bliss and noble work. Although these situations are associated by different aspects that are reflected in practice, such as: training to be a teacher, expertise, skills, beliefs, among other things.

The current and competent teacher is inevitably called to be a researcher in the practical and non-theoretical context, with practice as a type of research. In this reflection on his work, there is an interaction between knowledge and doing, theory and practice and the teacher has a more professional role, being a "reflective actor".

To deepen a little further on what is educational practice and to understand and explain it can be cited Perales (2006), who believes that "the pedagogical practice is a complex situation because the teacher must perform reflective processes to assess it, and this it requires the teacher to modify, articulate and reorganize his daily actions, carrying out a transformation in the way of conceiving and understanding his doing, making it complex ".

This educational praxis will be functional when the teacher is able to reflect on his or her daily work and what happens in the class, leading to the investigation of their work, thus achieving the action research during their work.

Reflection is one of the most difficult and essential responsibilities, because through it he would change the whole scheme of his educational practice. Achieving important changes in his work as a teacher: reconstructing himself as a professional, becoming aware of his role and the strategies used to teach, resulting in a renewal of his educational practice.

In conclusion, reflecting is thinking, but especially in relation to the art of education, reflection leads to the link of deliberately making selections, making decisions about improving teaching processes in such a complex context and in such an educational system. demanding and demanding.

Andrés Toro Londoño.

English Teacher.

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